Test Driven Development for Android Developers

Introduction Test Driven Development (TDD) is one of the most important skills for Software Engineer in general and for Android Developer in particular because it has a lot of benefits that allow us to build high quality android apps. Before talking about this software methodology I would like to talk …

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Introduction to RxJava For Android Developers -Part 2

Introduction In the previous article we talked about creation, filtering and transforming of observables. We saw how it was awesome. So we are going to talk about the concurrency operators in this article. When you develop an application, you will need often  to do some tasks in parallel to prevent …

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Introduction to RxJava For Android Developers -Part 1

Introduction In this Post I am going to talk about RxJava for android.RxJava is one of the hottest topics nowadays because of its advantages over the classic way for android developing. RxJava is a library that allows us to represent any operation as an asynchronous data stream that can be …

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